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White Brick Wall

Sugarfoot Fall Arts & Crafts Festival

Vendor Information

Date: Saturday, Sept. 16th, 2023

Time: 10am to 4pm CST

Vendor Questionnaire
Shopper Bag Donations

Shopper Bag Information:
We will be giving away 80 "Thank You Bags" to our Shoppers! 1st 15 Shoppers at the top of every hour from 10am to 2pm & Remaining bags to Shoppers at 3pm 
Items that can be included are: Business Cards (Can attach small things like candy, chap sticks, etc. to your cards. Candy works well), Business Cards with a discount or coupon attached, Small Items like hair ties, etc.
You can donate a total of 80 items or you can donate 1 or a few "bigger" items. I do suggest EVERY vendor donate 80 business cards if you can!

Vendor Exchange

I have been doing the Vendor Exchange for a couple years at all my events and my vendors love it! How it works:
1. You will draw a booth number of another participating vendor. During the event, you will go to the booth number you draw and retrieve the item(s) they are giving away
2. Whoever draws your booth number will come to your booth and you will give them the item(s) you are giving away.
No need to turn anything in at check-in! Item Value is $15 - $25 and this is completely optional

Please give a Detailed description of your business. THIS is what will be used in our Vendor Spotlight Posts.
This is to be viewed as a shopper reading

Setup Day

Please upload 1 to 4 photos of your booth, products, etc. These will be used in our Vendor Spotlight Posts on Social Media!

Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4

Vendor Agreement - By signing below, you accept all terms and agreements of the Vendor Contract with Rustic Lace Events. This was attached in your email.

After Pushing Submit, you will be taken to the Vendors Only Group on FB. Please Make Sure you have joined!

*If you do not have Facebook, please text me at 931-952-0207 so I can communicate with you appropriately about important information.

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