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About - Rustic Lace Events

Rustic Lace Events started in March of 2018 in Morrison, Tennessee at "The Spot". Over the past 5+ years of coordinating craft shows I've learned a lot and changed a lot.
We've hosted events at several venues including: The White Dove Barn in Beechgrove, Short Mountain Distillery and Cannon South Elementary (formally known as Woodland)

We take pride in showing off all the small businesses and are gearing up to provide better shopping experiences for all of our event attendees.

We are always learning and changing to fit the current market and hope that we can provide great experiences for everyone that comes as a vendor or an attendee.

If you would like to suggest changes or upgrades from either the vendor or shopper side, please contact Jessica Miller at 931-952-0207. We are always open to a positive change!


Meet the Team

Meet our Team! All of our team members assist in different aspects of the event process, from helping unload and pack up vendors before and after the events, to showing vendors where their spaces are, moving vendor cars to and from the parking area, to sitting at vendor booths if they need to step away.
Without this great team, we wouldn't have successful events.

Team Gallery

Just some images of our team!

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